Early Country Rock

I can’t help but take a trip to the late 60s and early 70s to listen to early country rock. I like to start with Buffalo Springfield. Sure, there may be other artists/bands to start with. However, I like how this group led to three other iconic bands – Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young […]

Arpeggios And The Internet

I recently discovered this web page and could not help sharing it here. So much fun playing with arps! Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator

Live Modular Synth Jams

I really like to search youtube for live synth jams and modular synth jams intrigue me. This has to be one of the best and amazing modular jams I have seen. Technical and musical.

Chillout in the Zen Garden

While I’m on the topic of chillout music, let me share a track I created to help a listener relax in the Zen Garden. This track was created using the Uhe Bazille synthesizer and a couple really great field recordings from Luftrum.com.

ARP Odyssey Demo

A short demo of the KORG ARP Odyssey reissue analog synthesizer.

Ambient, psybient, psychill, or what?

I have never been good at determining musical genres. Generally, if it sounds good to me, then I call it good music. However, I generally tend to really like ambient music, or music in that general area. Lately, I have tried to understand the differences between psybient, psychill, chillout, and other sub genres. I still […]

Bursts of Interest

Hello! This is WavePackets. Here you will find bursts of things I find interesting and my effort to consume a very small localized bundle of cyberspace! If you have any complaints about the content, please post them to your Facebook feed. I promise someone will read them;)